Published 4/30/15    volume 15, number IV

So you’re ready to start your business, but don’t know exactly where to start. You have a great idea; but now it becomes “A Numbers Game”.

In the Commercial world, it all about “Numbers”, price-per sq. ft. zoning, building classification, tenet allowances, etc.

You have got to decide whether to lease or buy. I could make an argument for both. But as always it comes down to your cash on hand or your access to capital; we’ll talk about that another time.

Decide how you are going to structure your business; sole-proprietor. LLc, etc. Basically how you’re going to pay your “Uncle”.

I was presented a question about three top priorities of starting a business; (after money of course), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Business Lawyer, and a Bank that only does business in

The state of your business; you will have to ask your attorney about the last one. Oh Yea! You need a good Commercial Real Estate Agent; I can help you with that.

Someone wrote: “Plan Your Work, and Work your Plan “– A.G. GASTON.

“Don’t go into court without a lawyer; don’t go into a real estate deal without a Realtor”- Michael Gould

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