It’s A Numbers Game!!!

06/04/2015    Volume 15 edition V

I pledge allegiance to the Democracy; I mean Republic; you may want to check with Mr. Webster for the meaning of Republic.

According to some economist, it would take a renter earning at least $19.35 per hour to afford a two bedroom apt. in SAN FRANCISCO working full time.

Hawaii $31.61 which equate to working four full-time jobs working at minimum wage. 28.04 Per hour in D.C.

Small business (Mom & Pop) stores and restaurants, you remember the neighborhood businesses that had the best hot dogs and hamburgers, and gave us after school jobs; don’t you remember?

Are we going to ask Mom to pay $10- $15 per hour? Layoffs are surely coming to after school kids.

Small businesses are what AMERICA was built on. Let’s look at the numbers: rent, workman’s comp, insurance, Professional fees, etc. Now how much can Mom charge for her hot dog? How much are you willing to pay?

I’m all for everyone making enough to be comfortable and take a summer vacation, but I have an idea. Let’s cut tax liability so that take-home pay will be more. Yeah!

That is a good idea; don’t you think? Your hot dog want go up…

Let’s figure out how we can make HOMES affordable.

Michael Gould


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