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One could easily argue that the Brain is the most important part of the body, maybe that’s why it’s on top. The brain does all the thinking and instructing the other parts of the body….Kind of like a roof. The roof protects the structure in much the same way. It allows for the structure to eliminate a lot of radon gases and other health hazards most of us are not conscious of. The roof protects the integrity of the structure. Its design to throw water away from the foundation, and can greatly increase the value of your property. So take these suggestions into consideration when looking to increase the value of your property, and get a better return on your investment.


Here are some general numbers you can use to calculate how a contractor will price your roof. (Area and part of the country may vary)


Let’s calculate a hypothetical roofing contractor’s overhead cost:

Office manager salary: $36,000 + 18% for Workers comp, taxes, unemployment insurance = $42,800 / year.

Office / storage rental: $12,000 / year + $2,400 in utilities = $14,400.

Advertising: $6,000 / year.

Insurance: $7,500 / year.

2 Trucks: $9,500 / year * 2 = $19,000.

Office supplies: $1,000 / year.

Miscellaneous: $1,000 / year.

Total overhead cost: $91,700 or $251 each day of the year!

Figuring out total contractor’s cost to install one 15 squares roof:

Materials: $150 / square.
Labor: $86 / square ($1285 / 15 squares).
Overhead: $17 / square (assuming that a roofer does only 1 roof per day).
Dumpster + permit fees: $400 or $27 / square.

Total contractor’s cost: $4,186 to install a typical 15 squares ranch house roof, or $279 / square, before ANY profit.

If we consider that a roofer makes an average 25% NET profit on each job, before taxes, then our hypothetical roof above would yield $1,046 in profit. Total cost of such a roof would be $5,232 or $350 per square.

* * *Google Source: How to calculate A roof.***


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