It seems as though two can play the game better than one, or at least out of the gates.

Nar’s recent survey indicated that 27% of first time home buyers were married with kids,

36 years of age, and a combine income of 100k.

Next unsuspected and trailing by 9 years …the single male making his first purchase at 45

Years of age income streaming around 67k, however it is noted that 39% of this 89% group

were previous owners. (Silently) Go Men!!!

5 links (years) behind the single males are the single females. Fabulous 50 years of age and touting

$57,300 income 39% were first timers, however we shall note that of this group 87% had owned before.

Coming in last place are the kids, yet to buy a home or pay a mortgage, or any other bills. (pssst) kids it’s

A trick. Don’t ever grow up.

Oh yea, did I mention that 9o-95% of all these groups (smart people) used a REALTOR…

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