Notary Instructions | Probate Court of Jefferson County, Alabama

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Requirements and Application Process Applications are available in the Probate Court Office Records Department or online You must be 18 years of age or older to apply. You must be a resident of Jefferson County to apply. Proof of residence will be verified through the Board of Registrars or with two forms of proof of residence such as Driver’s License, utility bill, rent receipt. Applicants need to complete the application listing all information as it appears on the Voter Registration or Driver’s License. You must have three separate references from Jefferson County residents who will attest to your integrity and suitability. References must sign in their own handwriting and include their home address.  NOTE:  A renewal does not require the three references, its renewal takes place within 30 days before or after expiration. You must obtain a $25,000.00 Surety Bond. You can get it at almost any insurance company.  Be sure to have your signature notarized on the Bond in the Oath of Office section within the Bond. You must submit your Bond and application within 30 days of the “Seal Date” on the Bond, or have the Seal Date updated by your Bonding Company (Insurance Co.).If your Bond/Application is returned to you for corrections, you must resubmit it after corrections are made in order for your Commission to be processed. Once you have completed your application and have your Bond properly notarized, either mail or bring the application, Bond, and a $42.00 filing fee check made payable to the “Judge of Probate”.You will receive a Certificate of Commission effective on the date you return the required documents. The commission is good for four years from that date. To view or print the APPLICATION for Appointment as a Notary Public, click here.

Source: Notary Instructions | Probate Court of Jefferson County, Alabama

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