Publish 4/20/15 vol. 15; issue 3

AS far back as we can remember, people have been trying to control land, through one means or another. Using words like foreclosure, prescriptive rights, eminent domain etc.
Land is the basis of all wealth, the heritage of the wise, the thrifty and prudent. It’s the poor person’s joy and comfort, the rich person’s prize, the right hand of capital and the silent partner to thousands of successful people.

Land is the solace of the widow, the comfort of old age, and the cornerstone of security against misfortune and want. It’s handed down through generations, as a possession of great value. The value of land is growing through countless days. Though it may seem dormant, the value of land increases, never falling, never ceasing. Time is an aid and the ever increasing population adds to its gain. Land has the ability to defy fire and the elements–for they cannot destroy it.

While all other things wither and decay, land alone survives. As centuries pass land becomes younger, always increasing in strength. All oils and minerals come from land. It is the producer of food, building materials and the home to every living thing on this planet. Land serves as a foundation for homes, factories, banks and stores.

Although land has not been produced for millions of years, it’s so common that thousands of people, unthinking, and unknowingly pass it by.
“Don’t go into court without a lawyer; don’t go into a real estate deal without a REALTOR”

Michael Gould


It’s a Numbers Game

“Don’t go into court without a lawyer. Don’t go into a real estate deal without a REALTOR”


So you want to get started in investing in real estate, but don’t know where to start, well as the title states, it’s a Numbers Game.

Start your research with terms of the business. Understanding the definition of this and any other business sets a firm foundation in conversation now and in the future.


Understand what you want out of the investment; I know you want to make lots of money, but

have in mind a minimum return on your  investment (ROI). That is the per annum percentage rate.

Understand CAP rates and learn the formula. This will help in ascertaining you’re (ROI).


Don’t forget business structure will determine tax liability, I know how you feel about “UNCLE SAM”

But he’s got to eat too.


HAPPY INVESTING…Let me know if I can help…          


#Floods are our #country’s #1 disaster. They occur in all 50#states, and may impact your community unannounced.  Know your homeowners insurance and what it covers.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency #(FEMA) works with more than 80 insurance agencies.

All communities are not covered. Check with your agent. This National Flood #Insurance Program is offered to #Homeowners, #Renters, and #Business owners.

visit: #FLOODSMART.GOV for more information

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