These Eye-Catching Bricks Are Made from Textile Waste

Fab BRICK upcycles clothes into bricks that are great thermal, acoustic insulators. By Katherine MartinkoPublished March 5, 2021 01:44PM ESTFact checked by Haley Mast Clarisse Merlet was a French architecture student in 2017 when she became alarmed about the amount of textile waste created each year. In France, it’s estimated to be around 4 million tons, andContinue reading “These Eye-Catching Bricks Are Made from Textile Waste”

Homebuilder confidence drops as interest rates and lumber prices rise

A contractor works on a house under construction at the Norton Commons subdivision in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S., on Monday, March 8, 2021.Luke Sharrett | Bloomberg | Getty Images A monthly index measuring homebuilder confidence in the single-family housing market fell, as builders face rising interest rates and rising costs for materials, especially lumber. The NationalContinue reading “Homebuilder confidence drops as interest rates and lumber prices rise”

How Rooftop Solar Benefits Your Neighbors

Homeowners who install solar on their roofs lower electricity costs for those around them, new study finds. By Sami GroverPublished February 12, 2021 11:09AM ESTFact checked by Haley Mast Ever since rooftop solar became cheap enough to start proliferating, there has been debate about fairness and equity. Specifically, some have argued that policies like net metering –Continue reading “How Rooftop Solar Benefits Your Neighbors”


1890 IS OUR HISTORY, TOO! MORRILL LEGISLATION Senator Justin Smith Morrill was an abolitionist who had a vision that education would be for all social classes and offered a shift from predominantly classical studies to applied studies. This academic shift prepared students for the real world and advanced the nation by providing an opportunity to educateContinue reading “MORRILL ACT OF 1890”

How To Make An Insurance Claim For Business Interruption

Joshua SteinContributorReal EstateI write about commercial real estate negotiations, deals and legal issues. Businesses large and small, including particularly retail tenants, hotels, and theaters (as well as their support services) have seen their revenue dramatically interrupted because of Covid shutdowns. But they still have to pay many of their operating costs, such as rent andContinue reading “How To Make An Insurance Claim For Business Interruption”


Article    |    Institute for Justice Imagine a law giving bureaucrats unbridled discretion over your property rights. It would provide no standards. City officials could stop you from using your property—such as putting up a fence or planting a tree—for arbitrary reasons, or, indeed, for no reason at all. And you’d have no one to appealContinue reading “SHOULD YOUR PROPERTY RIGHTS?”

What is the Difference Between a Trust and a Foundation?

by Jiah Kim | Estate Planning  If your estate planning goals include establishing a lasting legacy through charitable donations, aside from making outright gifts (which will make sense for certain people under certain circumstances), your two primary options are: (i) to establish a trust, or (ii) to establish a foundation. But, how do you choose? And, once youContinue reading “What is the Difference Between a Trust and a Foundation?”

Wills, Slavery and Probate: The Legacy of Lucy Sutton

Estate planning can significantly impact future generations. In honor of Black History Month ACTEC Fellow Terrence M. Franklin shares his journey of discovery: how his fourth great grandmother Lucy Sutton and her eight children and six grandchildren were freed from slavery through a Last Will and Testament. There is no greater time than now to effectively communicateContinue reading “Wills, Slavery and Probate: The Legacy of Lucy Sutton”

Why it might be a ‘mistake’ to file your 2020 taxes now

Ethan Wolff-Mann·Senior WriterTue, February 9, 2021, 11:56 AM·4 min read Tax season officially starts Feb. 12 and you have until April 15 to file and pay taxes owed. But there’s a wrinkle this year and it has to do with coming stimulus payments. Lawmakers are still negotiating the details of a third stimulus plan, including how muchContinue reading “Why it might be a ‘mistake’ to file your 2020 taxes now”

Mortgage demand drops as interest rates hit a three-month high

PUBLISHED WED, FEB 10 2021 Diana Olick An ‘Open House’ sign is displayed in the front yard of a home for sale in Columbus, Ohio. Ty Wright | Bloomberg | Getty Images Mortgage interest rates have increased in four of the first six weeks of 2021, putting a chill on mortgage demand. Overall mortgage applicationContinue reading “Mortgage demand drops as interest rates hit a three-month high”