Alabama’s new marriage law: How to apply for a certificate Posted Aug 19, 2019 Facebook ShareTwitter Share1,267sharesBy Leada Gore | Alabama’s new process for obtaining a marriage certificate is designed to make tying the knot easier but it will require couples to go through several steps. Starting Aug. 29, Alabama will no longer issue traditionalContinue reading

Up to 40 million people are at risk of being kicked out of their homes

As President Donald Trump calls for another federal eviction moratorium, a new report has shed light on just how many Americans are facing housing insecurity as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the associated economic downturn. Between 30 and 40 million people in the U.S. could be at risk of eviction in the nextContinue reading “Up to 40 million people are at risk of being kicked out of their homes”


In addition to covering your home, homeowners insurance also covers four more things: Your outbuildings, landscaping, and hardscaping. If you have outbuildings (like a barn), landscaping, or hardscaping (like fences), your homeowner’s policy most likely covers those for up to 10% of your policy amount (5% for plants). For example, if you have $100,000 inContinue reading “IT’S-A NUMBERS GAME…”