The story of how four black Detroiters became property owners after the Great Fire of 1805

Posted By Paul Sewick on Thu, Feb 1, 2018 at 1:40 pm Photos courtesy of Paul Sewick For African Americans, the struggle to own property in Detroit is almost as old as the city itself — tactics like redlining, restrictive covenants, and mob violence were long used to prevent black Detroiters from purchasing homes. And while, the city enjoyed a higher-than-averageContinue reading “The story of how four black Detroiters became property owners after the Great Fire of 1805”

What Social-Emotional Learning Activities Can Kids Do in Quarantine?

By Roxy Favretto Photo Courtesy: Jahi Chikwendiu/Getty Images During quarantine, kids can miss out on the social benefits they typically get from interacting with others in a school environment, which could set them back in terms of social-emotional learning (SEL). SEL involves skills that build up a child’s confidence, help them develop relationships and promoteContinue reading “What Social-Emotional Learning Activities Can Kids Do in Quarantine?”

How to build business credit with poor personal credit

Written by:  Louis DeNicola Confused about how to build business credit? You’re not alone. Many business owners and entrepreneurs don’t realize the key differences between business credit and personal credit, so let’s start there. Your business credit and personal credit aren’t linked — but they may be related. Business and personal credit contains different information, soContinue reading “How to build business credit with poor personal credit”

National Bank Act Of 1863

How Did The Civil War Change The American Currency? The Act entitled “An Act to provide a national currency secured by a pledge of United States bonds, and to provide for the circulation and redemption thereof,” approved June 3, 1864, shall be known as “The National Bank Act.” The National Bank Act of 1863 was designed to create a national banking system, float federal war loans, and establishContinue reading “National Bank Act Of 1863”


United States history: WRITTEN BY: The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica Title: squatter’s rights. Preemption, also called Squatter’s Rights, in U.S. history, policy by which first settlers, or “squatters,” on public lands could purchase the property they had improved. Squatters who settled on and improved surveyed land were at risk that when the land was surveyed and put up forContinue reading “Pre-emption”

Opportunity Zones 101

Q: What are Opportunity Zones? A: Opportunity Zones are economically-distressed communities, designated by states and territories and certified by the U.S. Treasury Department, in which certain types of investments may be eligible for preferential tax treatment. The tax incentive is designed to spur economic development and job creation in distressed communities by providing these tax benefits to investors. Continue reading “Opportunity Zones 101”

Expiration of state eviction protections led to 434,000 extra COVID-19 cases, study finds

Dhara Singh·ReporterDecember 1, 2020·4 min read The expiration of state eviction protections led to 433,700 additional coronavirus cases and 10,700 excess deaths from March to September, according to a new study. “We expected there to be a relationship between moratoriums lifting and COVID-19 outcomes,” said Kathryn Leifheit, an epidemiologist who was a lead researcher onContinue reading “Expiration of state eviction protections led to 434,000 extra COVID-19 cases, study finds”

Highlighting Heirs’ Property Ownership and Land Loss

by Teresa Jackson, SRS Public Affairs  •  July 30, 2020 ETHICS & VALUES FOREST LANDOWNERS HEIRS’ PROPERTY INTEGRATING HUMAN & NATURAL SYSTEMS A USDA Forest Service publication on heirs’ property ownership across the southern U.S. highlights a kind of land ownership prevalent among lower wealth, African Americans in the Black Belt South, central Appalachian whites, and Hispanic Americans inContinue reading “Highlighting Heirs’ Property Ownership and Land Loss”

Selling a House? Avoid Taxes on Capital Gains on Real Estate in 2020

The money you make on the sale of your home might be taxable. Here’s how it works and how to avoid a big tax bill.Tina OremAugust 5, 2020 Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This may influence which products we write about and where and howContinue reading “Selling a House? Avoid Taxes on Capital Gains on Real Estate in 2020”

Hud Virtual Homelessness Conference

Dear Stakeholder,   Hope all is well with you.   I am writing to invite you to attend the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development  (HUD) Region IV Homelessness Virtual Conference that will be held on Tuesday, December 15, 2020. The Virtual Conference will be held using Teams Live Platform. This year forContinue reading “Hud Virtual Homelessness Conference”